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"WHY" is an American documentary web television series created & independently produced by Robert Hanna & Beth-Lyn Hanna.

The first season proposed for TELEVISION is set to feature 6, hour-long episodes, and is currently in development. 

"Sandwich Party Sunday" is scheduled as the first episode.

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The WEB based series, launched in October 2019, will feature 6-8  episodes in 2020.

Watch the Pilot Episode HERE!

UPDATE as of 4/1/2020:

The WHY Documentary Films project has been temporarily suspended due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

Please subscribe for updates for future status updates and potential pre-production releases. 


WHY is a documentary series that explores "greater purpose" as individuals pursue their unique callings in life.

Among these people are artists, musicians, small business owners, leaders, teachers, athletes, caretakers, advocates & farmers.

No one is making them do it. There is not always - and sometimes never - a clear monetary footpath or end game. But regardless of what hand they were dealt, and regardless of the ups and downs or the twists and turns that life takes, these people wake up everyday and somehow find a way to keep chiseling away at the sculpture of their destiny. They keep refining with the hope of defining. They keep their head in the clouds and their hands in the dirt.

It's not all sunshine and rainbows. It's cluttered & messy work-spaces, It's plans gone awry, it's dirty hands, filthy shirts, and a lot of time away from loved ones.  And regardless of what other people may perceive, this is not some self indulgent, self-serving journey. It is a calling to serve others through their God-given talents & abilities. A brief opportunity to share a beautiful, wise, blessed perspective of the world. Their work gives meaning and context for their lives, and it inspires others. Those who have heard this calling know that it is far more than just an idea. This is a calling for joy and the pursuit of happiness. This is seizing a moment and freezing a frame because we all know that it is gone in a blip. This is real. This is "WHY."

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