12 year Army Veteran and Renewable Energy advocate Ryan Hollis pursues his dream of traveling the world aboard a Sail Boat.

"The Human Flute" by Ryan Taubert

"Wild Wide Ocean" by Space Motel
LINK: https://spacemotel.bandcamp.com/album...

"Beautiful Day" by Russell Morgan
LINK: http://www.russmorgan.co.uk

Produced by Robert & Beth-Lyn Hanna
Directed by Robert Hanna

FPV Drone Cinematographer: Joshua Lerner at The Highfly
Social Outreach: Amy Marcello

Special Thanks To: Beth Hanley, Kent Clemmons, Tanya Signore, Savannah Lawrence, Christina Smith, DPA microphones, Sandy Bottom Bait and Tackle, Abby Brown, Safe Harbor, Flight One, and all of our friends, family, donors, contributors and supporters.

This series is dedicated to the celebration of the lives of Heather Re Drew, Greg "Willie" Morgan, and Mr. Ron Rounds


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